Originally from Naples, Italy, I moved to Wyoming in 2011 to join the Department of Botany at UW, right after my PhD in Plant Physiology. It has been an amazing life experience for me!

It is absolutely inspiring to share the lab with so many students and postdocs with different backgrounds. I learn new things everyday about modeling, computer science and ecosystem ecology. My initial knowledge of plant physiology at the leaf level has been transforming over time to be part of the “bigger picture”.



During these past years, I have also had the opportunity to supervise over 20 undergraduate students in our lab and I realized how much I love interacting with them. It’s so satisfying for me when they become independent in their scientific thinking, write their first project or succeed in their first experiment!

The lab is my second home: I like to make sure everything is in place for everybody, taking care of instruments and supplies, trying to make methods and techniques available to each and every student stepping into the lab for the first time. Several students like to be in touch with me after their graduation, others step into the lab late in the evening just to say hi or send me a nice thank you card. My favorite is being called “the lab mama”!

Although fairly small, the University of Wyoming has given me several opportunities to develop my interests while gaining scientific independence. Laramie, which in 2011 was only a remote and unkown little town in the middle of nowhere, is now home.

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